The Missouri State High School Activities Association communicated with local education agencies (LEAs) last week regarding LEA COVID policies/protocols that are less restrictive than the protocols set forth by the local public health agency (LPHA). MSHSAA reminded LEAs that while LEA quarantine policies/protocols can be used to determine how/if quarantined students are allowed to attend school and activity practices, students who are required to quarantine under LPHA protocol are not permitted to participate in interscholastic competition. MSHSAA Executive Director Kerwin Urhahn stated in his email to LEAs, “The state association’s position and policies are in place to protect students, coaches, and officials that serve and participate in the interscholastic contests. We are not attempting to infringe on the procedures your school has in place for educating students in your classrooms, but we must have policies and procedures in place to deal with the safety of students who participate in the interscholastic program.”

 MSHSAA officials stated that if an LEA plays a student(s) that is supposed to be quarantined under the LPHA guidance and expectations, MSHSAA will require that LEA to forfeit the contest(s) in which the student(s) participated. MSHSAA will also look into further sanctions to remove that school from postseason competition.