Please review the expectations of younger students at events/contests/games. This is for the safety of all students and patrons of our community.Elementary-aged children must sit with their parents or guardians during all inside games/contests/practices (volleyball, basketball, & archery). No child should be running through the hallways at any time.

 High school and middle school students must sit with a parent or guardian unless they are seated in areas designated for students in the bleachers

All children are expected to sit and watch the game and should not be running around, playing in the halls, in the small gym/cafeteria, or outside the school.

In addition, kicking or throwing balls, bottles, etc., inside will be prohibited.

No basketballs, soccer balls, frisbees, or any other ball, large toy, or play item should be brought inside the gymnasium

These expectations will apply at away competitions as well.

If a child is not being monitored by their parent/guardian, then the administrator on duty will escort the child back to their parents.

If we all work together, the games will be enjoyable, memorable, and safe events for everyone.

We appreciate your support and hope to see you at the games cheering for the Tigers and Lady Tigers.